Interior Swoon: Banana Leaf Green

Interior Swoon: Banana Leaf Green

 I am all over the Banana leaf print right now. I fell in love with the print from a fashion perspective first last summer -it caught my eye on the Dolce and Gabanna catwalk and then I saw a model wearing it on the front of one of my Conde Nast Traveller magazine. After that I was fairly obsessed and all I could think was- I need this fabric in my life!! I was on a serious mission to find.  I  also had a particular look in mind christmas in Ghana [long printed skirt with a white off shoulder top]. Basically, when i put my mind to something, it has to happen- thankfully it did.

Anyway, back to print! Reminiscent of glamorous 1940s Hollywood, the banana leaf print continues to inspire many generations later, and there are so many ways to use it well. I think the new craze over leaf prints came from our acceptance of large plants and cacti in homes. I didn’t really think that whole leafy look was me at first -however, I am officially sold as it really does give the room character and adds a nice pure airy feel.

 If I decided to use this wallpaper at home, I think I’d be more inclined to use it in small guest bathroom on one wall. I don’t know how daring I am to use it in a living room- I feel like I would be tempted to change it after a year. But I could definitely deal with a bathroom or a quirky home study area. If you have loads of rooms in your house and you want a room that has a lot of character and just adds something completely different to the rest of the house, then this is definitely the right print of you. 

I also love to see banana leaf prints in shops or hotels. The Martinique wallpaper, created by designer Don Loper and made famous by its use at The Beverly Hills Hotel, has appeared in various television shows and celebrity homes and is still a design staple of the hotel today. However, if you feel that walls are far too daring, then cushions or framed prints are always a safe bet, especially in the summer time for a conservatory.

This print is definitely not for the faint hearted, but if you dare to be Bold- it wouldn’t be a regretful decision. Below is a helpful piece on how to incorporate the banana leaf in you home- both bold and subtle.