All things Pretty with Shay Mitchell

All things Pretty with Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is one of the stars behind the hit show ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ I started watching this show in boarding school and then I got so frustrated not finding out who ‘A’ was and gave up on it. However, a few years ago I got hooked again and pretty much binged watched my way though, and now I’m distraught that it’s the last season!

I loved Shay Mitchell’s role in PLL and so I decided to follow her on Instagram [as you do] – isn’t she GOALS? I was so used to seeing her play the timid-ish role of Emily fields, but boy is she vibrant and confident in real life – and so she should be! I literally find myself stalking her fashion and her trips around the world, so I thought I’d explore and search for her home too! and Thanks to Architectural Digest, here I am!

Her house was designed by Consort Design’s Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone. I like that the space exudes culture- you immediately see the Moroccan elements mixed in with a few French accents. The airiness of her living room really works and its interesting because I feel like people feel that a space has to be empty to be airy, but it can be achieved in a room full of objects or bold patterns like the monochrome-tiled fireplace and the wall-art – epic.

The kitchen is also very airy, but it has a lot of detail. I love the marble top counters- I’m sure it’s clear by now that I love the marble trend. I thought it would just be a trend, but I think it’s heading in the direction of timeless now. The counter tops are complemented by the black and gold stools by Phase Design and the monochrome lighting. I’m also really into green right now and bring the outside in, so the massive plant works perfectly for that.

I really really like her Den. I am normally quite cautious about dark colours when it comes to walls. But I LOVE THIS. I’m really into the boldness of this space and the luxury effect comes through with the beautiful deep-green sectional. The dark colours are complemented by the use of caramel seating options. The room has a cozy feel and its perfect for entertaining a few guests in a relaxed setting. I have always said that one day I want a random room in my house that I am willing to go bold with, whether it be crazy wallpaper or furniture…just something out there….but still chic of course.

I’m also intrigued by the alcove in the house, which has been covered in House of Hackney wallpaper. I recently explored the brand a bit more on my visit to C.P Hart Bathrooms, so don’t be surprised if I take a trip down there. I don’t know if all the prints are my exact style, but every time I see it used, it makes me smile, so I can’t argue with that. This particular wallpaper used in this space is very vibrant and romantic – so for now, I’m sold. I can’t stop looking at the gold cabinet- for me, it makes the room. I am so into gold accents and furniture right now- that black marble and gold coffee table is stunning. I would choose this in a heartbeat. It’s the brassy kind of gold I like…think Tom Dixon.

I think it’s clear to say that this space is truly very pretty and it’s a good mix of glam girl and homebody, which I love.

The bedroom is also really elegant but homey. I love the way the curtains drape on the floor to give the room that effortlessly chic feel. I’m struggling to decide what my favourite piece is- the gold light fixture or the gold rimmed mirror. I think I’m going to go with the mirror, simply because I talk about lights all the time and the mirror is different.

Now to the room everybody wants to explore when the see a celebrity home…..the CLOSET! C’mon everyone likes clothes and shoes and it’s fun to be nosy. To be very honest, even if I have a walk-in wardrobe, I have no idea what I’d want to look like. Would I want white cabinets or glass? No clue! But I like Shay Mitchell’s, its simple, big and full of great bits that every girl would love.  My favourites have got to be the fedora hats at the top- love me a fedora! Pictures below are from ‘The Coveteur’.