Assouline bookstore, The Plaza

Assouline bookstore, The Plaza

I had this post ready a long time ago- but life got in the way and I just didn’t click publish! So this is a very late New York post! I almost didn’t publish this but HOWEVER!! My last weekend in New York was sooo nice  because one of my closest friends came to visit and there was a lot of catching up and it was generally just a good weekend – I hadn’t seen her in so long so it was highly necessary ! Nostalgia !!

It started off with breakfast at the Plaza hotel which was really really nice. The Plaza is stunning and the interiors are opulent as ever – as you can imagine. However the hidden gem for me was the Assouline Bookstore upstairs. It was filled with all the classic coffee table books that you could think of.

The room was small but there were so many books on shelves, on tables, in cabinets- it was easy to stay for a while and get lost in it. When I got back to London, I decided to buy the “Chic Stays” book. I’ve been meaning to get it for a while, but after visiting the bookshop, I actually put my mind to it and followed through.  If you love interiors or love to travel, then it’s the perfect book. It takes you through different celebrities’ favourite places and just makes you want to travel travel travel.

Below is a sneak peak of the bookstore at the Plaza. If you’re ever in New York, it’s worth checking it out!!

“The only time I’ll ever tell you to judge a book by its cover”