Lovespace: Clerkenwell Grind 

Lovespace: Clerkenwell Grind 

I spent the other day working at the Clerkenwell Grind on Old street, Clerkenwell.

As you may have noticed from my Instagram, I love the GRIND chain. I think I’ve been to all of them apart from the London Grind in London Bridge and the Exmouth Grind.

However, the Clerkenwell branch has got to be my favourite because of the interiors! It is gorgeously decorated in bold navy blue and pink velvet. It is pretty large too, so there is a lot of space and you don’t feel like you’re having coffee or tea in somebody else’s personal space.

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I have already blogged about my love for velvet accents- so this was the perfect spot for me. The upstairs area is bright, airy and elegant. It’s the perfect place for a good lunch, a study space or drinks. I love it when a space is multi-useful (don’t think that’s a word but hey-ho) …the word is multi-purpose!! But that just reminds me of cleaning detergent, but you get my drift!


The space has a bit of a feminine feel because of the pink velvet chairs, but it’s balanced out by the navy sofas- and since when was femininity ever a bad thing.  The pink chairs accompany marble tables in the dining area which also match the marble bar upstairs. Marble always gives a space a luxurious feel, even if it’s used in small ways.

The downstairs space has more of a bar atmosphere with the dim lighting & in the true Grind spirit, it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t come with a quote in neon lights. This quote ‘I remember last night and I was like f***’- nicely draped the top of the back wall of the bar, just above the assortment of spirits- ha fitting. I also liked the line of massive bulbs that were on the bar surface. Great quirky touch and made the space fun.

From the parquet flooring, brass lined mirrors and the bold coloured velvet seating- it’s a space for #Goodvibesonly to say the least.

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