My visit to Coworth Park, Ascot

My visit to Coworth Park, Ascot

I spent the weekend at Coworth Park Hotel, for my friends birthday. It was a great little escape and it as a lovely way to celebrate an intimate birthday. Rumour has it, that John Lennon wrote ‘All you need is love’ from one of the rooms- if that doesn’t tell you that this location is for perfect a romantic retreat, then I don’t know what does ; )

As soon as we arrived our first stop was the spa where we enjoyed a light lunch at the Spatisserie and then on to immerse ourselves in the facilities and the stunning pool surrounded by Amethyst which lived up to its purpose of soothing one’s mind and emotions. My favourite part was the steam room- I only need to be in there for a few minutes and I instantly feel relaxed. It also made me super drowsy so I think i fell asleep by the pool for a little while. The rest of the evening was spent eating at the barn and then back to the suite to play games and talk our beautiful way into the early hours of the morning.

Our Georgian styled rooms were beautiful with an understated palette of subtle colours with an eccentric decorative flair. My favourite room has got to be the bathroom – I have no idea what it is, but between the bathroom and the kitchen, I am always sold 🙂 The copper roll-top bath and I had an instant connection and the tub perfectly complimented the marble effect that ran through the bathroom area. It was airy and spacious with amazing selfie lighting – terrible to admit- but let’s be honest – selfie lighting is everything.

The Coworth really allows their guests to experience country living at its finest, with stunning views across the estate. It was nice to see a modern twist on traditional British style. This shows that there are definitely ways around sticking to the traditional way of design but keeping it modern but adding certain accents, such as the copper side table featured above.

We had an incredible time and it’s funny how big a difference a little escape can make. The service was great and this quick country escape gets a well-deserved recommendation from me and the birthday girl had the best time 🙂