So, I decided to take this blogging thing more seriously in 2019 and I think I’m going to stick to it. I may not have time to write something compelling or interesting with every post, but I’m going to try and be consistent with the photo content at least!

I spent the evening at Dalloway Terrace and although London is FREEZING, when you throw some heaters, faux fur throws and a few blankets in the mix- it’s all manageable ! I am personally struggling with the drop in temperature – especially because I still haven’t witnessed all the snow people are talking about which makes, so there is zero joy involved on my end.

However, Dalloway Terrace did help me along the way, as always! I have always loved this space and its special because they changed it up every season which makes it different to other restaurants in London. I really love going into restaurants that offer an experience or take you into a different world – Dalloway does this extremely well. It’s always difficult to get a reservation, so I would book way in advance just in case!

I also really wish I went earlier in the day now so that the lighting was better but I still got a few good photos for you!

Now I need to get ready for the work week- I am going to try really hard to juggle my normal work life and interior design passion this year (Accountability 101- declare it) !  Have a great week !!! xxx

Dalloway Terrace

16-22 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia