Grand designs live: TV ROOM SET COMPETITION

Grand designs live: TV ROOM SET COMPETITION

So for the past nine days, I’ve been extremely busy helping on the Drapery Box stand at Grand Designs Live. It’s a company that makes window treatments for residential and commercial properties.- blog post later down the line.

Anyway, I promised that I would blog about the exhibition, but I wanted to make it interesting and pick out the business or projects that I thought you’d all like.

So my first blog post is on the annual Grand Room Set competition. This year’s project was to create a room based on a TV show. The chosen TV shows were: Blackadder, Only Fools & Horses, Home by the Sea, Victoria, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I want to know what you think? My comments will be at the end and then I’ll reveal the winner!

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Only Fools & Horses


Home by the Sea

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad

My favourite hands down was the ‘Victoria’ room by Sauced Interiors. I love the greenery used and I am obsessed with the copper bath. I think if you’ve read most of my posts, it was an obvious pick for me. I also think it actually represents the TV show really well too. I’ve only watched one episode of Victoria, but to be honest you don’t need to watch it to know the kind of look to go for. I feel like the other rooms were done really well but some could have been tweaked here and there (IMO). I also liked the Breaking Bad set but I think I would have liked to see more scientific elements used – remember the circular beaker light bulbs  in my Kiehl’s post- those would have worked perfectly- but I loved the colour in the room and the smug fringe was super cute too.

I don’t watch Blackadder or Home by the Sea but people around seemed to be huge fans, so it’ll take their word for it and Blackadder looked like a room somebody could live in right now.

Only Fools and Horses was done well and it was modernised too. I like the use of the trunks and the bold wallpaper! Lastly, Game of Thrones was an obvious one and I think it was executed pretty well. I don’t think much else could have been done but I think because it was an obvious tv show to pick with clear design tools from the show, there wasn’t much of a buzz around it, but it’s was great nonetheless.

The winner was Blackadder! By Caroline Oakey from Oaki Design! I have never watched it but it did have a lot of buzz around it so a big Congratulations and I really loved the detail on the coffee tables!

But what do you think??