Hemsley + Hemsley

Hemsley + Hemsley

You know when you walk into a space and you feel the need to automatically change your lifestyle, diet and everything in between….well that’s how I feel whenever I walk into Hemsley & Hemsley..

The bamboo-coloured walls complimented by the plants running throughout the space creates a calming and airy feel. The design concept works well with the menu which is very green and clean (fish cakes are my favourite, for those wondering). I love the colour green in restaurants because it gives restaurants a very earthy feel and Im happy in any space that brings the outside in.

H+H is a minimalist space but it doesn’t initially feel that way because of the vibrant lighting- the bright lights in round glass bulbs accentuate the natural tones that run through the restaurant. You may think it’s far too simple, but the cafe is open plan and right in the middle of the body studio in Selfridges, so it needs to stand out enough to be noticed but minimal enough to not take away from the items around the store.

I’ve been here a few times and it has the most relaxing vibe. It’s not too big or too small- I think you can fit about 30 people in it at once. The menu is full of really yummy food for the Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook. It’s great because you can eat out but still be healthy and the avocado and lime cheesecake is a must (sounds horrid, but tastes divine).

It’s a great space and the food is even better, so check it out if you’re ever need to take a break from the retail therapy that is selfridges!