This week I went to Jo Loves on Elizabeth street for the Fragrance Tapas experience. For those who didn’t know, Jo Malone sold her company ‘Jo Malone’ to Estée Lauder over 10 years ago and then decided to start her new company ‘Jo Loves’ in 2011.

The name Jo Loves refers mainly to the memories and experiences that inspired Jo to create each fragrance.

I have always been obsessed with Jo Malone products so I knew I had to check out Jo loves. I also recently went to an interview hosted by Nicola Moulton with Jo Malone at The Mayfair Collective Women’s Space, and I loved her story. Sometimes when you meet the face behind a brand and hear their story – the good and the bad- it makes you respect their resilience and tenacity as a business person and you realise that they’re human just like the rest of us. The difference is, they didn’t give into the failure fear, which comes with every new business venture.

I loved hearing about how she starts off by making/testing all her fragrance and lotions at her kitchen table. The fascinating part about her scents has got to be the memories behind all of them. At the fragrance tapas, before smelling the scents, I was told the story behind each scent and as soon as I was given the tester strips, I could smell that exact scent – very evident in the Smoked Plum and Leather fragrance!

The Fragrance Tapas Experience consisted of 3 parts; Tagine, On the Rocks and Velouté.

I got to smell all the difference fragrances. I was seated at the bar and told about the background of Jo Loves. I was then introduced to the fragrances which were spritzed on to testing strips.

1. Tagine: Bath Cologne is warmed in a Tagine and released through a cloud of scented steam. – the smell was incredible! I was also given a Pink Vetiver tester and I tried it the night I got back – divine.

2. On the Rocks: Cleanser is shaken over the ice, strained into a martini glass and spritzed with scent. -I think I tried the Pomelo scent with this so it didn’t take much to win me over. It’s a unique smell but it’s so vibrant and long-lasting !

3. Velouté: Lotion is whipped and swept gently onto the skin with a paintbrush. – this is perfect for dry skin and the lotions smell really good. I love thick lotions and this was perfect and it left my skin feeling super soft!

Favourites: The signature Fragrance ‘Pomelo’ is beautiful and is Jo Malone’s signature scent. It is ‘instantly energising, mouth-watering citrus. Inspired by memories of long summer holidays.’ My absolute favourite has got to be White Rose & Lemon Leaves, ‘a floral fragrance with white Norma Jean rose with subtle strands of peppered citrus and soft cedar-wood.’  What can I say, I loves florals! – But all the scents are truly amazing and worth going to smell yourself.

I had a great time and I would highly recommend this experience. The staff are really warm and friendly and the ambiance is lovely too.

Jo Loves

Elizabeth Street


0207 730 8611