Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘water obsessed’ pantry

Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘water obsessed’ pantry
I was flicking through my Kourtney Kardashian app on my phone – yes I have it. I wasn’t sure which one to subscribe to or whether I was going to subscribe to any! Okay thats i lie, I started off subscribing to 4 of them and then trickled my way down to 1 haha! but I narrowed it down to Kourtney, because she is really into interior design and has some really good tips, so I stay loyal to it!
Recently, she took her subscribers into her super super neat and organised pantry! I haven’t really ever focused on pantry design and all the designing that goes into it. However, I love it when I see kitchens with everything labelled and super organised ! It’s calming !!
So walk with my thought Kourtney’s Pantry and look at how much water she has!!!! Well I guess if your casually not feeling Fiji water, there’s always other options….:P! I also love her massive stack of ginger ale on the top shelf- if you know me well, you’ll know I love all things ginger!
I’ll probably do a post later on kitchen organisation, but for now, enjoy 🙂

“I swapped the stainless steel racks from my old pantry for built-in wood shelves and drawers. The stainless racks weren’t maximising the space, so I had the new shelves built up to the ceiling and now we’re able to fit so much more. I also left most of the design open so you can see things on the shelves, but I also wanted some deep drawers to store things we don’t use every day.”

“It’s an understatement to say I keep lots of water in the house. I take everything out of the bulk packaging and recycle those materials before they go into the pantry. This way all the bottles look tidy on the shelves, as opposed to stacks of boxes or bundles wrapped in plastic.”