This morning I woke up super excited to go to my first London Fashion Week Catwalk show. I’ve been to different fashion shows, but never one at LFW, so it was an experience I was definitely looking forward to! I am also attending the LFW Festival this weekend, so stay tuned for that post as well. [just to clarify- picture above is not from the AW17 collection.]

I got to Strand around 8:15, ready for the show to start at 9.  I was really excited to see the Emilio de la Morena show after looking at his last Spring/Summer collection- he’s really good with textures and colours and every piece makes a statement, so I knew it was going to be a good show. 

The show began to the sound of the String Quartet that gracefully beckoned in the first model who came down the catwalk in a deep purple and black fitted striped suit, followed by the same design in a pale blue and grey. The matte silk fabrics he used for both suits was stunning! The Fabrics elevated the traditional suit look and the colour combinations were bold but the matte-effect made it easy to see it as easy wear in the day time or at night. 

The dresses were probably my favourite because of all the different shapes and textures. Emilio’s background is in sculpture and the ‘brand’s innovation is to design dresses that fit beautifully and understand a woman’s body’, and I believe he did exactly that. I generally like my outfits to be very simple but I like it when it has a bit of character and Emilio’s collection did exactly that. The puffed sleeves and ruffles he used to create organic shapes really took the outfits to the next level.

After the Show, we went upstairs to the Exhibition hall where new and upcoming designers were showcasing their work. There were some beautiful pieces of Jewellery that I couldn’t take my eyes off and lets not even talk about the shoes. It was every girl’s bank account nightmare but dream heaven all in one. Below are a few of the most interesting pieces. 

After the exhibition we went into the Richard Malone Presentation, which had some really bright and quirky pieces. Malone only just recently graduated from CSM a few years ago so to see such a large presentation with extremely intricate designs was really impressive. 

I know this sounds like a long day but it was extremely short! I think it was an hour max! I would have loved to stay longer but I’ll be back at the London Fashion Week Festival this weekend, so stay reading for more on LFW x