London’s floral den, Elan Cafe

From its flowery walls, marble table tops and memorable neon quotes, Elan is a dream.

I spotted Elan when it first opened on Brompton Road and I was so eager to go!!– and yes it is truly as beautiful as it appears in photos. Everything is pink and well thought out! It’s every girly girl’s dream to be honest.

Elan’s vision is/was to create London’s finest coffee destination and I think they have succeeded. The service is great, brunch is yummy and the dessert looks and tastes even better. I think we are all looking for places/restaurants that will offer us a a new experience and every time I’m at Elan I feel like I’m in a different world.

Beyond the flowery walls, Elan also has great food. The first time I went, I genuinely thought that the food wasn’t going to be as good as it looks, but it really is! I’m not a fussy eater and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so anywhere that offers all day breakfast is my place! I’m basic in that sense ha — avocado on toast with smoked salmon – winner. However, their specialty is their coffee and you can get them in all different flavours/colours- I have only tried the matcha latte and regular latte and I haven’t been disappointed!

One thing i will point out is there is ALWAYS A QUEUE- BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT! The queue tends to move pretty quickly and if you decide to come back on another day, the queue will still be there so just wait- it moves relatively fast! Elan has opened up new locations in Market place and Selfridges, which i think has brought down the queues overall.

I think its clear to say i love this place and plus I think its one of the few places in London where people don’t judge you when you’re taking pictures of you’re food [If you’re one of those surrounding-conscious people]. When you visit, you’ll understand why its the most instagrammed restaurant in London. I honestly think Alex Miller [Founder] has done an amazing job with these cafes. Alex opened her first restaurant in August and she has rolled out 5 more in such a space of time. Every restaurant sticks to the same theme and there is definitely more to it than just the floral walls, but they are beautiful nonetheless.