Lovespace: My visit to Aesop 

Lovespace: My visit to Aesop 

I was walking around Covent Garden the other day alone. I like to go on lonesome wanders every now and again- It’s good for my thought process and it’s also great for capturing content because you can stop whenever you want to get a good shot without feeling like you have to rush it out of courtesy and after about take 50- you smile and move on without a care in the world.

Anyway I digress- so… I went to Aesop on King St! I have always loved these stores! Whenever I go into one, I feel like I’m in a fresh organic environment. I also like the minimalistic approach- and every product is displayed in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way. It’s every neat freak or blogger’s dream! 

I love the use of white walls in the Covent Garden space because it enhances the effect of natural light throughout the store, which gives the room that freshness that you feel as soon as you walk in. 

I was doing some reading of the space on taxonomy of design and I was intrigued by the exposed copper tapware and pipes. I learnt that the purpose of such exposure is to add to or create a contradistinction to the delicately crafted elements. It definitely gives it that rustic feel.

The floors also captured me as soon as I walked in and I had to take that shameless feet selfie that I am sure has no originality whatsoever, ah well-shoot me.
I love how the floors are lined with beautiful green Moroccan cement tiles. The engraved geometric pattern stand out perfectly and create a contrast with the white walls. 

My favourite part of the space has got to be the back of the store! The cascading foliage of an indoor plant extends the wall creating a conservatory/greenhouse type feel. All the feels of nature.

Apart from the King Street store having a great interior, let’s not forget that Aesop also has amazing products. I have used their ‘Resurrection Aromatiqye Hand wash’ and hand balm and I have also heard good things about their men’s shaving products. I was hunting for presents for my brother-and the top recommendation for men’s shaving products was their ‘Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum’. 

All their products look really nice on shelves and they always blend in to any kind of design. If you’re someone that cares about aesthetically pleasing products- then this is the brand for you.