LoveSpace: My visit to India Jane

LoveSpace: My visit to India Jane

A few weeks ago I walked past India Jane on the Kings road and I knew I had to come back to get some pictures of the store and interior pieces. The store is filled with shiny ornaments and decorative pieces, so i didnt even think twice. India Jane has classical, timeless pieces and I can’t forget to mention the stunning collection of glassware. When I walked in, I immediately thought of Downton Abbey for some reason. Its not entirely that vibe, but it has some old elegant elements.

I asked where the design inspiration came from and I was told that the all the furniture and decorative pieces come from different countries, but the inspiration focuses mainly on Colonial and Classical European designs, which is evident in the rich silverware, white roses and pleated lamshades.

I really fell in love with the store because of the wide range of objects -big and small. It makes the exploring part more exciting and I was constanly thinking where different pieces could be placed insde a home.

Its a beautiful store and definitely worth going to see.

Below are a few pictures of my favourite pieces from my trip.

India Jane has 2 stores on the kings road, and other stores in Bath, Richmond and Kensington High Street.