Lovespace: Dinner at Kai Mayfair

Lovespace: Dinner at Kai Mayfair

This week I went for a birthday dinner at Kai Mayfair. It was my first time there and it was really lovely. The food was great, the service was amazing and it had a great ambiance. 

We were seated downstairs at a table which had a sofa with lots of cushions on one side – it made my dining experience super cosy. The restaurant really experimented with a lot of colour, but the colour choices were soft and warm and not too over-bearing.

The restaurant is very modern, but staying true to its Chinese heritage, also has an oriental twist which is evident in the Chinese tea cups and bowls. The restaurant is also filled with amazing pieces of artwork and photographs of beautiful Asian models, which I love because it gives the space character and plus I really appreciate it when restaurants give you more than the food to look at. 

My favourite part of the restaurant has got to be the mirrors with rose gold lines. They are stunning and I started to think of ways that one could incorporate it into the home and I was thinking bedroom wardrobe doors- if you wanted to be different but chic at the same time. The mirrors are complimented by the cream round head chairs with fur yellow backs. It’s something I would never think of, but they are beautiful statement pieces. 

I had the duck and pancakes to start, Lobster & Lobster, and Black Pepper Beef for the main and lastly I chose the Cream cheese & honey ice cream for dessert! I’m a dessert person for sure. I’d rather go from starters straight to dessert -don’t judge-  death by sweet tooth.

I would definitely recommend Kai Mayfair. It is such a warm feeling restaurant and the food is really really yummy. 

  • Most photos are my own, some from Kai Mayfair restaurant website.