Luxury series: A day at Ralph Lauren Home

Luxury series: A day at Ralph Lauren Home
Omg, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while and I just haven’t gotten round to it yet. I actually went to Ralph Lauren Home ages ago- around the time that I started my blog! – so yah, a while ago…but here we are, nonetheless!

When I started the Luxury series, I knew that I had to check out Ralph Lauren Home on New Bond Street because they have a large section on the ground floor dedicated to all kinds of home products, so it was actually one of the first places I visited. I think I got a bit overwhelmed when I realised how many pictures I had taken, so I stayed away from posting this until I had the time to work my way through it all!
Initially I wasn’t sure if Ralph Lauren Home and I went together- I just thought it was too mature for my taste right now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great brand but it’s very classic Hollywood mixed in with a bit of Mediterranean pieces. Or on the other end it’s very Hamptons holiday home- get my drift? So, at first glance I was like I’m just not at the adult stage of my life and I’m still in the modern contemporary phase.
However, I was pleasantly surprised and I really loved the showroom. I can appreciate that it’s beautifully done and it’s all very good quality and you can tell that a lot of attention has gone into every section! && the good thing about Ralph Lauren is that there is such a large variety of different products, so if you don’t feel like the whole room is your vibe- you can opt for the towels and bath robes or the silverware. There is a lot of great products to choose from! The sheets, throws and blankets are everything !!!!!!
I really like the white, cream and beige tones used throughout the showroom. I don’t mind interiors with colour but I feel like neutral tones can last so much longer and the likelihood of you getting sick of the space really quickly is slim! I also really like the gold and silver details dotted around the rooms – I like it when a room has character and the best way to bring character into a room is through decorative pieces, coffee table books or home accessories like candles frames and random objects.
Anyway! Before I ramble on for too long- Below are a few photos from my visit!
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1.Classic Hollywood

2. Home Accessories

3.Beach House Vibes