Interior swoon: Classic Monochrome

Interior swoon: Classic Monochrome

There are two things you can’t go wrong with, one is black and white is the other. If I could wear only black and white and maybe a bit of grey or blush for the rest of my life, I would. When it comes to clothes, I am all about the monochrome look and of course this has slowly made its way into my preference for interiors. I just love the freshness and clean line effect that black and white brings into a home.
I say all of this with a lot of conviction, but don’t be surprised however if you come to my future home and see pops of colour everywhere. I like to think I’m allowed to change my mind- the beauty of being a woman. so yes, for now I’m all about the black, white and grey philosophy. If you want to see it done well in fashion and interiors, check out one of my favourite Australian blogs- Harper & Harley

The monochrome interiors trend was really big last year, but its still very current and a lot of people are starting to steer towards the minimalist look, which the black and white combination bodes well for. However, there is the myth that using black in the home can make rooms look extremely small- which is partly true- however! like anything, if done in the right way, it can look beautiful. & lets be honest, its a timeless classic. 

My main inspiration behind this post actually came from me crossing a zebra crossing the other day. I do this weird thing of constantly stopping at zebra crossings with the hope that the green man will appear from somewhere, while drivers beep and signal me with lights to remind me that time waits for no man. I live in London, we have some crazy drivers- a bit of hesitation must go a long way–surely. 

I digress as usual- we’re all works in progress. 

Okay so, monochrome monochrome. I think there are many different ways to incorporate the monochrome theme into a space, especially now that there are different looks it can create such as; androgynous, Chanel-chic, retro glam, to name a few.

The easiest way to create the monochrome look is to use easy and adaptable accessories such as hanging lights or framed typography prints. Thats the most cost-effective way to start and depending on the piece of art or quotes you choose, guests immediately know the kind of person you are or the type of energy you require in your home. Or you may be one of those people that have more ambiguous quotes that forever leaves you and your guests in a bubble thinking that you’re the coolest thing since sliced white bread because of course, only you ‘wise friend’ would have a quote that is far too deep for ordinary human understanding. It’s okay we’ve all been there. 

I take that back- I’m a huge Beyonce fan, so anything to do with Watermelon or Lemonade- I am game!

Another easy way to incorporate the monochrome look is flooring! I always love seeing black and white boxed floors. I just think its fun but chic at the same time and it’s a tad daring so not many people do it. But I think if its done well in one room e.g the bathroom or in the hall entrance, it has the potential to be stunning and very clean. 

One of the hardest ways, but most aesthetically effective, is the industrial look. With dark smudged walls and low hanging geometry lights. Or exposed brickwork complemented by black and white walls and features. It gives off the ‘I didn’t try but low-key I’m trying really hard’ look that is beyond cool right now in the trendisphere [made up word, don’t repeat in public]. Think shoreditch, brick lane..anything hipster.
No judging here. It is what it is and it works- most of the time. 

Although this is a monochrome post, there are some of you out there who love black and white, but feel that it gives off a cold vibe. So, a few ways that you can add warmth to a monochrome room is by introducing a range of natural elements like plants or massive cushions, sheepskin rugs or table accents. These elements will add warmth to the room and give it a lot more character and you will definitely stand out from you’re friend’s monochrome house down the road. It’s okay- like attracts like, so its likely that you and your friends all have the same taste but adding different accents and elements will definitely make you stand out. 


To end, I want to leave you with my favourite way to use the monochrome theme / grey- MARBLE BATHROOMS! I am probably going to do another post on marble alone so, I won’t say too much here, apart from the fact that its my interior swoon : )