Nothing but Bathroom swoon at C.P Hart

Nothing but Bathroom swoon at C.P Hart

This week I went to check out C.P Hart’s beautiful bathroom showroom in its flagship warehouse in Waterloo. I saw an advert for the company in my Livingetc magazine and I was desperate to go and have a look.

Established in 1937, C.P Hart has built a stellar reputation for sourcing innovative and excellent quality bathroom products from world’s leading bathroom designers and manufacturers. Many ranges on offer are exclusively available in the UK from C.P Hart such as products by Norm Architects, Justin Van Breda and Marmo, to name a few.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed the amazing lighting fixtures above me. The showroom was designed by Morrow + Lorraine Architects. M+L had the task of redesigning the nature of the showroom, its function and layout, including the incorporation of a generous cafe space. C.P Hart were set on preserving the brick railway arches, which really helps maintain the edgy showroom feel, however still giving the space a luxury finish through the brass and copper lighting.

I got to relax for a little while at the coffee bar, so I took the opportunity to read through the latest ‘Homes & Gardens’ Bathroom trends magazine, which was done in partnership with C.P Hart. Its filled with the latest designs and it also has a ‘In Conversation with’ section that includes some top interior designers such as Joanna Wood and an ‘Insider Knowledge’ section with information from the likes of Dara Huang of Design Haus Liberty.

Anyway…so my tour! I was kindly met by the Showroom Development Designer, Rebecca and we went back to the start of the showroom to begin the tour of the amazing space and designs-

Who knew I could get this excited about bathrooms!

In the main gallery, there’s a massive map of London with signposts to places/areas where C.P Hart has completed projects. The company has an impressive project track record with hotels such as Ham Yard Hotel, Waldorf Hotel and Soho Hotel. Plus, luxury new-build apartments such as One Blackfriars and Chelsea Barracks- these are just a few and the list continues to grow.

So products and Designs!

The first piece I saw was a collaboration between C.P Hart and Cielo which consisted of a Bathtub and Basin set which comes in different colour ceramics such as pink, yellow, dark green and grey. I think the exclusive brass taps are great for detail and makes the product different, especially with the bold coloured options Cielo offers. I think the coloured basins could go quite well in a guest bathroom, if you wanted to stray away from the usual, whites and creams.

The next set, was another design by Cielo. I really liked this one because of the top storage space. I like it when you can have quite a bit in your bathroom, but the luxury of hiding it all away. The top compartment allows you to store your make up or products in the bathroom, without having to have it all on display- perfect. I’m also getting a Japanese minimalist vibe from this set- think Muji. & not to mention the upholstered stool with Osborne and Little fabric, which we already know I have been swooning over for a little while now.

There was actually another set that had good installation storage. Most designers are supplying storage installations into their designs now.

‘Bow Taps!’

Next up, I saw some really gorgeous Aquadolce taps in the shape of a bow. These would come in handy if you had a separate sink to your spouse and you were really trying to claim your territory.

We then proceeded to my favourite part of the tour was the main showroom. It had a beautiful selection of bathrooms, in different styles and themes. There was a bathroom for everyone, minimalist, glam, bling, edgy, hipster/industrial…everything.


My favourite bathroom set has got to be the one with living wall. As soon as I saw it I was like ‘I LOVE THIS!’ I don’t know why, but I am really into greenery at the moment. Anything that makes me feel like I’m in a botanical garden…I am sold. Plus, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to take this opportunity to get into the tub and start my own photoshoot haha. I am very serious…zero shame in this blogging game.

 “Let’s not forget –  HOUSE OF HACKNEY”

Founders, Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle, ‘presented the company with to concepts: one for a Quartz Pink room with a 1930s feel; the other for the Glass Room, which is dark and glamorous, inspired by a Victorian greenhouse. Both schemes feature House of Hackney Limerence wallpaper. The Quartz Pink colour-way conjures up the mood of an Art Deco powder room, which was mixed with brass and marble. They believe that a bathroom needs to be a sanctuary, which is why they incorporated natural elements, such as plants. The Glass Room has foliage hanging from the ceiling, which creates a sense of tranquility, of being surrounded by nature.’ Both rooms really have a character of their own and it was interesting to see something so out of the ordinary and different. It definitely brought the fun and adventure into design.

Towards the end of the Tour was the Home Spa – dreamy. I loved the BODYLOVE installation by Effegibi. It was created to match the traditional settings of a sauna and I just wanted to relax. Plus it didn’t help that it was staged ready for use either!

“BODYLOVE by Effegibi”

Before I continue to babble on about my amazing experience at C.P Hart, I’ll leave you with some more pictures of the various bathroom designs. But honestly, it’s really worth going to see for yourself. You can find it at the Railway Arch on 213 Newnham Terrace, Hercules Road. Walking distance from Waterloo and Lambeth North Stations.

I had a great time and I was truly inspired.
Thank you C.P Hart for having me.