NY DIARY: My Stay at Public Hotel

NY DIARY: My Stay at Public Hotel

‘Favourite Spot in NYC’

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Okay I am guilty! I haven’t blogged in a little while because I’ve been away in New York and life just got really busy! It is literally a city that never sleeps and everything is so fast, so I felt like I was doing so much all the time!

But I wanted to let you in on a few of my experiences out there, so expect a few NY posts from me 🙂

I was actually staying in Brooklyn while I was out there and it was so cool! I think everyone’s go to is Manhattan, but there and is something about the trendiness of Brooklyn that I love! Let’s not forget that it’s slightly calmer too!

Before my trip, I knew I wanted to check out the new Public Hotel, it opened in June and so many design sites were talking about it. I kept on seeing photos of the neon escalators on Instagram and blogs and I was determined to go. I fell in love instantly!! I spent so much time there- like way too much time- it was just dreamy! I just didn’t get tired of it because there are so many different parts. Later on in my trip a friend came to visit me so I decided to book a night for us both because I wanted to check out the rooms and really experience the hotel! (It’s supposed to be a hotel for ‘everyone’, so it’s not as expensive as you think it would be, still not cheap, but not AS expensive as you would initially think).

We checked in fairly early, but we had so much to do that day, so we left for a girly lunch around Central Park. However, before we left, I managed to get some photos of the interiors! It’s all very minimalist which I really liked- not too much of anything.

Public hotel has been described as the brainchild of legendary hotelier Ian Schrager, who opened Public in response to the growing competition from Airbnb. I loved the hotel because there are so many different areas. There is trade shop with random cool stuff like coffee table books, candles, perfume and accessories. Not to forget the multiple restaurants and bars, which all come with a different feel. Schrager described the hotel’s aesthetic as ‘tough luxe.’

The hotel has two restaurants: Public kitchen, which I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to eat it, due to all our rushing around. But I got the chance to eat at Louis, which offers snacks, coffees and teas.

The three bars are all dimly lit and the interiors are beautiful with candles everywhere, which really added to the ambiance. One of the bars are located on the rooftop, which offers panoramic Manhattan skyline views. I love the neon lights on the floors that gave off the illusion of steps. Apart from the fact that I felt like I was going to trip all the time….it was great.

My favourite bar area is located on the second floor- the massive off-white sofas with fur throws in a dimly lit room. It was like being in a luxe villa somewhere- super cosy, candles everywhere, a bar with great service. It was hands down the best part for me…I’m all about comfort.

Schrager described the hotel’s aesthetic as ‘tough luxe.’

Now to the rooms- all of them are very simplistic but extremely cosy. Everything is stripped back to essentials. For example, there isn’t any room service, due the amount of restaurants etc around and the hotel has a strong community vibe too. All the rooms are pretty high-tech too. I am the least tech-savvy person, but I had fun pressing things and look around to guess what changed -Im strange like that. But honestly the pictures speak for themselves. I had a great time and I would definitely recommend the hotel.

Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, there is so much to do. The trade shop at the entrance is really cool! It’s filled with random products, so there’s something for everyone and aesthetically it’s just beaut!

I had a really great time and it was definitely one of my favourite spots in NY this summer. Check it out if you’re ever in NY! The pictures don’t really do it justice !