Trends: Pink & Terracotta Takeover

Trends: Pink & Terracotta Takeover

I haven’t done an “Interior Ideas” post in a little while. I’ve focused more on spaces that I like and events that I’ve been to, which I sometimes feel creates better content because it’s more personal. However, I think it’s also nice to add some trends, especially if it’s fun and quirky!

This 2017, I have been really attentive with trends and designs from magazines to restaurants and various spaces and I have realised that PINK and TERRACOTTA are everywhere! I love it! I’m not a huge bright pink lover but I love pale pink and blush pink! I actually have this blush pink blazer that I a obsessed with.

I think the pink takeover has a lot to do with the earthy colour phase that’s been booming at the moment. Everyone is loving the ‘one with nature’ vibe and pink goes so well with that kind of look and it’s a great pop of colour!!! So you could have a chilled monochrome room with a bunch of plants everywhere and that tiny bit of pink makes a huge difference.

I have also been looking into terracotta products a lot more lately. The word terracotta is a conjoining of two Italian ones, literally translating ‘baked earth.’ The shade is familiar from rooftops and plant pots! It’s been around for years and years but people are now finding interesting ways to use it in the home such as lighting and accents. My favourite way to use it is in hanging lights and plant pots with a bit of copper. The main reason why I love this trend is that you can go big with it or go small, but it will always add to a space. From a statement chair or table to a plant pot or frame- you just can’t go wrong!

Below are a few ways pink and terracotta have taken over lately !