Sarnies, Bangkok

Sarnies, Bangkok

I was in Thailand for what felt like 5 mins- Bangkok specifically. I went for my friends wedding and it was nothing short of stunning to say the least. The wedding was beautiful, she was beautiful. The sweetest thing- somewhere in her busy, stressful planning process, she managed to send a list across of all the cute spots in Thailand from coffee shops to galleries!! It was going to be difficult to find the time, but I had to find a way to weave in checking out a few of the places alongside getting ready for her events and making sure I wasn’t late for anything- and I succeeded!- but omg Bkk traffic is a whole other level. . .

However even with all the traffic, I love Bangkok- the energy and vibe is everything and I’m obsessed with the colourful taxis. It was my second time visiting so I had already done a lot of the cultural must-see sites already on my last trip. So my aim was to just focus on content for the blog for now. Given that my days were so busy and I could only really fit in one place per day because of the traffic- I managed to get to Sarnies, a floating market and The Jam Factory. I will do a combined post for the latter spots soon.

Picking from the list was difficult because there were so many cute places I wanted to go to. Worst part is I actually went to some of the places on the list but I didn’t get any photos! Next time!

But…picking Sarnies was easy! (cute brunch spot and good coffee) and if you know me, you know I love brunch (I honestly don’t venture far from avocado,eggs and smoked salmon)! Plus I’m a lot more into coffee now with my 6am wake ups for work. I didn’t get the brunch but the coffee was yummy! If you’re ever in Bangkok, I highly recommend you to check it out!

Sarnies cafe started in Singapore and recently opened in Bangkok. The cool thing about the space is that it was an old shophouse where ships were once repaired 150 years ago and it’s now turned into this cool, eclectic spot. I’m all for a mix of modern and rustic and that’s exactly what Sarnies is. From the concrete walls to the brow glass jars that bounced off the lighting, there was always something new to take in while indulging in great coffee or food (I am not a coffee snob, but I understand them a bit more now).

I didn’t have time to eat but I had an iced latte which was amazing! I don’t even like iced lattes normally but this changed my mind – now I get the hype around iced lattes (my first and last experience prior..was very bitter). As I’m typing this, I really wish I ate because the food looked so yummy and Brunch is genuinely my favourite meal, but I had a dress to fit into later that evening.