My Sunday Brunch at Tom Dixon designed, ‘Bronte’

My Sunday Brunch at Tom Dixon designed, ‘Bronte’
I had Sunday brunch at Strand’s new addition, ‘Bronte,’ a few weeks ago and boy is it beautiful! I’ve been meaning to check out this spot for a while because I heard it was designed by Tom Dixon – one of my favourite designers, so I was eager to see it!

The restaurant was just as beautiful in real life as it is in pictures! It’s a vibrant space with a lot of character. I love the pink chairs – which actually reminded me of the Clerkenwell Grind I blogged about a few months ago. 
I really loved the iconic Tom Dixon lighting that was used throughout the restaurant. The ‘Plane Surface Light’ was dotted around the restaurant ceiling – its minimalist yet expressive and as you know, I’m all over gold at the moment so that makes it even better. Tom Dixon also used the ‘Fade Pendant Gold’ light fixture at the bar which catches your eye as soon as you enter the restaurant and just gives the space an elegant feel.

I also found the use of Terrazzo tiles by the stairs interesting. I’ve seen Terrazzo tiles used a lot lately in restaurants and at first I wasn’t sure what I felt about it because I have a phobia or tiny things put together (weird I know haha)! But I’m getting used to it. Slowly but surely, I’m liking it. I think I saw it used in yellow and pink so I’m warming up to the idea! 
There was also one wall in the restaurant dedicated to African carvings which I loved! It was the “Cabinet of Curiosities” – a random collection of things like helmets and art but that just made the space unique! It was all a bit random, but worked very well together. The pieces were symbolic of the great British Collectors. 

The restaurant is stunning from start to finish and it has 5 different areas! & to top it off there is the colonnaded terrace with Tom Dixon fan chairs, where you can sit and just stare at everyone walking toward Trafalgar Square – if you’re a people watcher like I am 🙂 It is a small space, but very airy and its a good location for a summer brunch.

The food is also really good ! I went for my brunch staple – salmon and eggs – salmon comes as fillet chunks rather than slices – but was still good. & I opted for this Lychee drink which was everything ! I would definitely recommend this spot !! I went a few weeks ago and I’m still swooning over everything !

#Some pictures are my own and some are from the website