Harper’s Bazaar X edwina Dunn: The Female Lead

Harper’s Bazaar X edwina Dunn: The Female Lead

I still haven’t done  a post on coffee table books yet and there’s a reason why. I didn’t want to do a post with loads of books that I didn’t really care about or own, so I figured I’d do separate posts along the way. I will choose books I either own myself or just love in general and have actually looked at. I feel that every Coffee Table should look like a piece of art, but the books should also reflect the owner of the home. Your books say a lot about you. 

So to start things off : THE FEMALE LEAD. 

I stumbled across this initiative randomly a few months ago and the women crazy person I am, I got hooked and I started exploring ! 

It covers sixty inspirational women, from many walks of life. All have changed the world in a variety of fields. Among them are politicians and artists, journalists and teachers, engineers and campaigners, fire fighters and film stars. 

It is a book for girls who find it hard to identify role models in society. All the women we tend to read about in school, are not alive anymore. Think Florence Nightingale and Rosa Parks : although they are both amazing with very inspiring stories, girls need role models that they can relate to today.

I loved reading stories about Ava Duvernay, Sallie Krawcheck, Jo Malone and Meryl Streep! But every woman or girl is bound to choose somebody different and that’s what makes the book so great, because it caters to any kind of woman.

I attended a Harpers Bazaar event with Edwina Dunn at the beautiful Bulgari Hotel.  It was interesting to hear her story and what it was like to be the founder of the Tesco Clubcard, work with her spouse and partner with Investec to create The Female Lead. It was truly an inspirational talk and all of us left feeling motivated. 

It was also really nice to get an unexpected bag of free goodies! We were all given a book each, the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar and a mini Smythson Journal (always wanted one!) and a face moisturiser, 

Anyway I’m rambling, but please check out the female lead website and also check out the 20 in their 20s initiative too! all very inspiring!: click here