My last trip of the Summer was to Abu Dhabi. One of my friends has been living there for a few months so I definitely had to visit her (Thanks for having me Prems). I had never been to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect- I am forever hearing mixed reviews! As soon as I landed in Abu Dhabi we went straight to Dubai for brunch and a night out, which was so much fun! The next day we had lunch at Atmosphere, which had amazing views! We also checked out Marina Home Interiors which was great for me because I got to see design from a Dubai perspective. – Whenever I find myself in a new place, I love to check out various showrooms, just to get a feel for what is on trend in that location or find out what the consumer likes. I don’t think this store had the traditional feel, but it was full of amazing pieces.

We ventured back to Abu Dhabi on Saturday and I fell in love with it as soon as I got there. I’m not sure if its because I needed a relaxing holiday after the antics that came with Mykonos [I don’t think I have ever been more tired], but I just needed to be in a really calm environment and Abu Dhabi gave me just that. Slept like a baby.

Another reason why I loved Abu Dhabi is because it was just so different to anywhere else I had ever been. The desert safari left me feeling slightly light headed but it was an amazing experience. The desert was just beautiful! It was so relaxing and peaceful being in the middle of nowhere and although we went in August which is scorching hot, it was still a great experience.

I also enjoyed exploring Emirates Palace – I don’ think I have seen so much detail in one building! – The afternoon tea was delicious – i’d definitely recommend it! However, my favourite part of the trip was definitely the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It definitely goes down as one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I was still thinking about it on the plane- it was absolutely gorgeous and I would have kicked myself if I didn’t go. ITS A MUST!

We also checked out the Louvre which was cool. I’m more a contemporary art fan but it’s still worth checking out regardless of the kind of art you’re into. We kind of went through it relatively quickly, so if I try and lie on this post about how much i loved all the art- my friends will definitely call me out. However, the architecture alone is incredible and I remember driving past it at night and that’s when you see it’s real beauty.

Abu Dhabi is full of culture and I loved visiting somewhere that was just so different to London.  Sometimes I feel like some countries becomes so touristy that the true essence of the place is kind of lost, but in Abu Dhabi the culture and faith was very evident and everyone has to conform in one way or another. There was always more to learn there and I felt like I was really learning something new about AD every day and the culture it carries with it. Abu Dhabi was a gift to me because it made me stop and think so many times about culture, religion and focus on detail, which i think gets overlooked so easily on a day to day.


Abu Dhabi