The Mayfair collective: Women in Design

The Mayfair collective: Women in Design

So, this week, the Mayfair collective launched the Women’s space, a co-working and pop up event space, in collaboration with many retailers of Mount St in Mayfair.

I decided to attend the Women in Design talk- a diverse panel of creative individuals discussing the role of women in helping drive design creativity.

The panel included:

1. Juliette Loughran – owner of Loughran Gallery

2. Natalia Miyar – founder of design agency Natalia Miyar Atelier

3. Annoushka Ducas – founder of Links of London and Annoushka.

4. Martina Batovic – Dorotheum Director

5. Anastasia Webster – designer at luxury jewellery brand Stephen Webster

6. Anna Grace Davidson – CEO of Anna Casa Interiors

It was an inspiring event and it was interesting to hear their opinions on what it is like to work in the design field. For example, when the topic of “is it is a man’s world?” came up. The interior designers in the panel acknowledged that although, interiors is very much a women’s world, all other aspects of design are dominated by men, such as construction and architecture, so you find yourself dealing with men a lot of the time.

Another interesting topic was the subject of mentors. It was clear that most the panelist used their parents as their mentors or family members, which resonated with me, because I look up to my parents and their hard work drives me and keeps me motivated.

A large bulk of the conversation was based around the subject of interns and I was pleased to hear Annoushka Ducas’ opinion that all interns should be paid and given a substantial amount of work to keep them busy. However, I also agree with the point that sometimes interns need to use their own initiative and try to really put themselves out there. I have only ever interned in the finance industry, so I have it engrained in me that I have to put myself out there, be confident and make myself indispensable. It’s a double-edged sword and works very differently across all industries.

I was a great opportunity to hear from the interior designers in the panel. I loved Natalia Miyar’s promotion of women empowerment. I think I connected more with her because she spoke about going to a Sacred Heart All Girl’s school and how it shaped her to constantly want to build other women up. I also went to a Sacred Heart All Girl’s school, so I completely understand what it’s like to grow up in an environment with strong opinionated women. I also believe that because I grew up surrounded by a lot of girls and women, I am passionate about women empowerment and seeing other women succeed.

It was a really great event and I went back the next day for the Jo Malone talk, which was amazing and equally as inspiring. I learnt a lot and left feeling like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. 

Thank you to The Mayfair Collective for hosting such amazing events, in a beautiful space! and I look forward to what else thy have in store!