Trends: Japonisme

Trends: Japonisme
I was flicking through my latest issue of Elle Decoration this week and I came across a trend that I’ve been into for a while: Japonisme. – Japanese inspired design.
I love Japanese design because it’s minimalist! And as much as I love colour and stuff on stuff on stuff, I like the idea of nothingness. It’s very weird but I tend to compartmentalise rooms in my head. So I have stuff in one are and then not much in another. Crazy I know.
Whenever I think of Japan, I think of MUJI, because it was the first store that really taught me about the aim of Japanese design- minimalism.
So if you want to get the Japanese effect at home for an affordable price – MUJI is your new friend. It’s epic for containers and bits and bobs to store things in, which helps to declutter any room. I’ll be doing my room soon, so I’ll probs get a few pieces and show you all on here. It also has this really cool diffuser that I always stare at when I go in.
I’m also really into greenery and the Japanese are good at just randomly putting nature into a room. Sometimes it looks so random, but it works really well. There’s a good example below if your don’t get my drift about randomness ha! But I love the one with nature vibe that Japanese interiors have. It’s very In at the moment- so grab a plant, any plant.
I also love the sleek likes and dim lights that Japanese restaurants all have too. Everything is simple but the lighting gives the room a warm ambience. I’m not the biggest foody but I love to eat out. So I tend to pick places because of design and ambience and Japanese restaurants never fail to give you that warm ambience.
I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. It’s on my list of places to go and explore !
Below area few examples of how Japanese design is used in homes and restaurants.