Upholster me, Velvet

Upholster me, Velvet

2017 is full of many different design trends, but one of my favourites has got to be, VELVET CHAIRS. I have already blogged about it briefly in my Conran post, but its worth delving deeper!

It is time to embrace rich textures and shiny metallics to create a decadent look that could last a lifetime. Velvet fabric initially started to come back when designers such as of Stella McCartney, Valentino and Saint Laurent all used it in their catwalk collections last season and it slowly seeped its way into interiors. Think sofas, stools and cushions.

People are definitely more confident in making bold purchases, plus, the richness of colour you can achieve through velvet enables you to find something that feels unique and personal. For example, Pink velvet sofas have had a sudden spike in popularity….and the only place that springs to mind are the iconic Sketch chairs.

Don’t get me wrong, pink is a great colour, but whether you want it all over your house to represent Sketch’s interiors, is an entirely different thing. So to the question of which colour to pick when it comes to velvet sofas …I would personally go with either a deep green or a navy.
However, I’m up for bold colours like purple, red or even blush pink, but only as stand alone pieces. For example the velvet chairs in Selfridges’ new design hall-The Fount Bar to be precise- are simply  STUNNING! worth going to see !

Below are a few of my favourite pieces that I have spotted online on Pinterest!