Wanderlust: Arijiju Retreat, Kenya

Wanderlust: Arijiju Retreat, Kenya

This Villa had me at HELLO!

Located on the Borana Conservancy in the Laikipia district of the central eastern Rift Valley province of Kenya, Arijiju Retreat is a beautiful private sanctuary with an abundance of wildlife.

 Just looking at the photos makes me want to travel straight away. It looks so calm and peaceful and I love how in touch with nature the space is. The bare rocks juxtaposed with the greenery that surrounds the entire property is just stunning. 

The creators overriding philosophy was one of humility and respect for what was already there and it really does show straight away. The retreat was built by local craftsmen using local stone and is powered by solar energy. Hand-cut Mera stone, grassed roofs and immense, wooden Lamu-style doors all feature, creating a unique living space. Even though there is an element of age in the property, the designers created an elegant luxury ambiance through the copper, silver and marble furniture used. The lanterns and candles that light up the property also creates a romantic relaxing feel that we all die for once in a while- or all the time. 


Arijiju has five suites which accommodate up to ten guests and you get a team of 14 staff including chefs and butlers who attend to your every need. Guests can also design their own menus to suit their tastes. – LOL wanderlust is an understatement. This just makes you look at your life and reevaluate everything, right? haha. 


This seems like a very mature holiday, so maybe like a 30th birthday or a couples’ getaway- like those movies about 5 couples al going away together. Either way, it’s amazing and I think everyone will want in on this kind of experience at least once in their lives, I know I do!  


I have always wanted to go on a Safari Holiday. I am African and I have only ever been to my country Ghana, which is so bad! So, I want to take the opportunity to travel around Africa more. I have Tanzania and Morocco on my list.  

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To find out more about the villa click here


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